One of my hobbies is writing, and every so often like producing essays accompanied by own photographs and videos, on a variety of topics.  These used to be on my business website, but have decided to shift non-business related articles to this personal site.  The latest article is shown below.
Bureaucracy in the opinion of many is the absolute scourge of modern day living.  The word certainly does not conjure up efficient and essential administration.  On the contrary this term is associated with meaningless procedures, and organisations riddled with bungling red tape that achieve little, if anything.  The apparent sole aim is of pure frustration, often contrary to any concept of meaningful logic or ‘common sense’.  Bureaucratic officialdom can be compared to a living organisation, existing purely to grow. 

This article is updated from the original one posted by Datalite UK Ltd in 2008.  Really to show that if anything the endless and senseless march of bureaucracy in the Western World has got worse. 

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This site shares some of my personal interests, such as photography, family tree, Charlton Athletic football team, experiences whilst serving in the Royal Navy, and articles on a range of topics, along with some favourite (often politically incorrect) jokes.  Also you can find links to my various business websites, and social media areas.

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