The Slow Grinding Wheels of Bureaucracy  Bureaucracy in the opinion of many is the absolute Office Bloke Covered In Red Tapescourge of modern day living.  The word certainly does not conjure up efficient and essential images.  On the contrary this term is associated with meaningless procedures, and organisations riddled with bungling red tape that achieve little, if anything.  The apparent sole aim is of pure frustration, often contrary to any concept of meaningful logic or ‘common sense’.  Bureaucratic officialdom can be compared to a living organisation, existing purely to grow.  This article is updated from the original one posted by Datalite UK Ltd in 2008.  Really to show that if anything the endless and senseless march of bureaucracy in the Western World has got worse.

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Articles in the 'Society' category cover a variety of diverse range of topics such as government, politics, political correctness, equality and diversity, crime, and really anything on the subject matter of human nature. 

A recurring theme and interest to the author is how large organisations evolve into bureaucratic inefficient monoliths.  A current example is the European Union, this undemocratic organisation is ever growing, largely against the wishes of the people.   However similar to the former USSR, ultimately doomed to spectacular failure.   Another recurring theme is that of how the scourge of political correctness is destroying meritocracy and free speech of Western Governments.

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