EU Bureaucracy Killing UK Businesses  The European Union (EU) has grown into a undemocraticEU Eurozone Debt bureaucratic monster.   It shares the features of all out of control bureaucracies, where its sole purpose appears to be for continual expansion and power.  The United Kingdom (UK) is largely a euro-sceptic country, and thankfully is not in the Euro zone, which currently appears in the process of imploding to euro currency destruction. Its undemocratic nature is already unravelling with uprisings already experienced in various European countries.  This essay originally posted by Datalite UK Ltd in 2012, has been updated to events up to 2014.  The EU nightmare continues, and providing even more adverse reasons for small to medium businesses to fear its ever increasing tentacles of power.
Having personal experience of running a small business, namely Datalite UK Ltd, these business articles aim to share experiences related to business.  Whether dealing with bureaucracy such as that emanating from the European Union, or passing on tips on creating and running a small company largely gained from experience.

The business articles are unique that some cross between personal views and company views.  Generally if an article also appears on the business website, this is indicative of a company view, otherwise if articles only appear on this site this is illustrative of personal views, not necessarily a company policy.

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