Is Global Warming Climate Change The Ultimate Con? Climate change has existed during the Earth'sEarth On Fire With Global Warming history without any influence of man whatsoever, and was around long before even the existence of life itself.  Indeed mankind owes its very existence directly to the Earth’s episodes of climate change.   The science supporting the postulation that manmade CO2 emissions will lead to global warming and hence disastrous climate change is not indisputable.  It is quite possible that mankind is being conned into a philosophy that may well be a waste of time, money, resources, and the possibility of doing more harm than good.  Is this all simply a fraud for governments and large organisations to gain power and money, and is the ultimate con? 

EU Bureaucracy Killing UK Businesses  The European Union (EU) has grown into a undemocraticEU Eurozone Debt bureaucratic monster.   It shares the features of all out of control bureaucracies, where its sole purpose appears to be for continual expansion and power.  The United Kingdom (UK) is largely a euro-sceptic country, and thankfully is not in the Euro zone, which currently appears in the process of imploding to euro currency destruction. Its undemocratic nature is already unravelling with uprisings already experienced in various European countries.  This essay originally posted by Datalite UK Ltd in 2012, has been updated to events up to 2014.  The EU nightmare continues, and providing even more adverse reasons for small to medium businesses to fear its ever increasing tentacles of power.
Achievements & Glory of Team GB and London 2012 Olympics  2012 has already gone down in history as a Olympics 2012 Towertremendous year for Great Britain. The Queens Diamond Jubilee led the way with a popular and well staged celebration.  The London 2012 Olympics proved many critics wrong.  The event was extremely well organised, and Team GB's achievements in both Olympics and Para Olympics rated as third in the world, with only the United States of America and China (far larger countries) coming higher.  The author's son Matthew Henry was a medal co-ordinator in these Olympics, hence the author had a unique chance to personally photograph and video the Opening Ceremony rehearsals shown in the article.

The Slow Grinding Wheels of Bureaucracy  Bureaucracy in the opinion of many is the absolute Office Bloke Covered In Red Tapescourge of modern day living.  The word certainly does not conjure up efficient and essential images.  On the contrary this term is associated with meaningless procedures, and organisations riddled with bungling red tape that achieve little, if anything.  The apparent sole aim is of pure frustration, often contrary to any concept of meaningful logic or ‘common sense’.  Bureaucratic officialdom can be compared to a living organisation, existing purely to grow.  This article is updated from the original one posted by Datalite UK Ltd in 2008.  Really to show that if anything the endless and senseless march of bureaucracy in the Western World has got worse.

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