Is Global Warming Climate Change The Ultimate Con? Climate change has existed during the Earth'sEarth On Fire With Global Warming history without any influence of man whatsoever, and was around long before even the existence of life itself.  Indeed mankind owes its very existence directly to the Earth’s episodes of climate change.   The science supporting the postulation that manmade CO2 emissions will lead to global warming and hence disastrous climate change is not indisputable.  It is quite possible that mankind is being conned into a philosophy that may well be a waste of time, money, resources, and the possibility of doing more harm than good.  Is this all simply a fraud for governments and large organisations to gain power and money, and is the ultimate con? 

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Science and in particular Astronomy is a long time interest and hobby to the author.  There are plenty of misconceptions concerning science, particularly as a discipline which is constantly trying to disprove, modify, or develop its various theories.

It is recognised how much of society has progressed due to scientific discoveries, and items such as televisions, computers, mobile phones etc. are taken largely for granted in the Western World, but would have been impossible without the advanced scientific progress that proceeded such inventions. 

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